Mayfield United AFC Full time: @KinsaleAfc 0 @Mayfield_Utd 2 @lorcanyup MSL Division One..2 out of 2 for us...great start lads...💚🖤⚽️👍…
Mayfield United AFC G⚽️al!!!! @KinsaleAfc 0 @Mayfield_Utd 2 @lorcanyup (90 mins) MSL Division One @MunsterSenLgue @BigRedBench
Mayfield United AFC Half time: @KinsaleAfc 0 @Mayfield_Utd 1 MSL Division One @MunsterSenLgue @BigRedBench
Mayfield United AFC G⚽️al!!!! @KinsaleAfc 0 @Mayfield_Utd 1 Matthew (23 mins) MSL Division One @MunsterSenLgue @BigRedBench

Below you can view the current committee members. If you wish to get in touch you can submit a message via the contact page. Alternatively, if you visit the team's page you will find all manager information with contact details

Chairman: Tadgh O'Neill
Vice Chairman: Allan McGrath
Secretary: Adrian Saville    
Treasurer: Bernard O'Neill
Schoolboy Secretary: Allan McGrath
All Weather Bookings: Christy Mulcahy
Kieran O'Leary
Gavin O'Mahony
Christy Mulcahy
Paul Murray
Keith Buckley
Pat Bozynski


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You can get in touch with the club by contacting any committee member or club administrator, or also by email.

Committee Members
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